Embroidered Wood Signs

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Each sign is different and unique, and are typically 12″ x 7″ in size but vary depending on the word(s).

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Currently Available: Love, Honey, Naughty, Splendid, Sup, Yo, Merde, Baby, Sugar, Skol, Eat, Superb, Mazel, Argh, Hepcat, Rowdy

Available Signs

How my signs are made: I use a hand-cut, sanded piece of 1/4″ plywood which I then write any word (within reason), I drill each hole into the wood for the letters using a drill press, paint the wood and then embroider it.  I use a variety of colors for paint and string, and also use yarn and twine depending on the desired look.  I then add the hardware for picture hanging so that the piece can be hung up.

Embroidered Wood Sign

Please specify which sign you'd like.


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